Whether you're a nationally-ranked junior, a beginner, or someone looking to get back into the sport, Balance Tennis offers clinics, individual and group lessons. Lessons, camps, and clinics take place on the Linfield College tennis courts in McMinnville. The Linfield Tennis Complex has 9 recently resurfaced and branded courts (6 outdoor and 3 indoor). 

Clinics are scheduled around college facility and staff availability and are subject to change. We will do our best to post the clinic calendar as far in advance as possible. 

Fall 2019 clinic schedule

The fall/winter 2019 clinic schedule will be posted soon. We are working with Linfield College to update their camp/clinic policies. The clinic schedule will be posted as soon as this is sorted out. Apologies for the delay!


Mondays Time TBA

CliniC Staff:

Our clinics are run by fantastic, knowledgable, passionate, and caring coaches.

  • Will Worth is a sophomore from McMinnville who spent five years as a USPTA certified teaching pro in Corvallis prior to enrolling at Linfield College.

Inclement weather:

We are fortunate to have a three-court fieldhouse adjacent to our outdoor courts. When it is too cold or raining, we will be indoors unless the fieldhouse is unavailable.

Payment/Punch Card:

  • Clinics will be paid for using a punch card, purchased in advance here. Each clinic is $12, and you can purchase as many clinics as you would like. Please be sure to pay in advance or on the day of clinic, and bring your receipt with you to the clinic for your punch card. We will keep your card on file and mark the date of attendance on the card. We will let you know when you are at the end of your purchased clinics.

Punch Card.jpg

When you purchase clinics online, you will receive a punch card. We will keep the punch card on file and mark each clinic your child attends.

Waiver of Liability:

  • Please fill out and return the Waiver of Liability form prior to participating in any clinic. STUDENTS CANNOT PARTICIPATE UNLESS THERE IS A LIABILITY WAIVER ON FILE!

Punch Card Clinic Amount


We do offer private and group lessons, but space and time is limited. Please contact us directly to arrange for lessons and for more information regarding rates.

Call 909-973-5624 or email benjamin.belletto@gmail.com if you have questions or are interested in setting something up with one of our instructors.